6th grade English

Date(s) - 31/03/2020
All Day

A) Title:Reading comprehension and vocabulary

  1. Saccadic movements: First and last letter from pages 20 and 21.
  2. Brain gym: “7 riddles that Will test your brain” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpLLst4-3fw
  3. Read the Mind map: study the page 26.
  4. Watch the video “Industrial revolution for kids” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl_-6WPQ4Sg
  5. Copy the questions and answer with true or false.
  • People made their own clothes.       ____
  • They exchanged their work for things. ____
  • Only adults worked. ____
  • The Industrial Revolution started in the 1700___
  • From late 1700 to the 1800 factories were powered by steem. ___
  1. Answer the questions with full sentences.
  • Where did the Industrial Revolution start?
  • Who developed the sewing machine in 1846?
  • What problems arose when people moved to the city?
  • What did Samuel Morse do?
  • Who invented the steam boat?
  1. Use the unknown words that you found in the text and make a crossword puzzle (mínimum 10 words)