6th grade English

Date(s) - 19/03/2020
All Day

  • After Reading extract 3 and 4 from chapter 6. 20,000 legues under the sea (last chapter of the book), make your own mindmap of the last Reading. ASC page 200.
  • Read the Real Case from page 201 ASC and follow the isntructions  (research, make a timeline and a presentation).
  • Watch video from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bssEwwhxqc “Biggest seamonsters ever” and answer the questions:
  1. How long was the Leviathan in meters?
  2. Which sea creature is also mentioned in 20,000 legues under the sea?
  3. What creature is mentioned as one of the scariest and biggest ever?
  4. What creature measured up to 27 meters long?
  5. Which sea creature was mentioned in the bible?
  6. Why did the megalodon become extinct?
  7. What creature is confused with melting ice sound?
  8. How manyy creatures look like a giant squid?
  9. Which creature was first known in the 1700?
  10. Which creature grows 2 more heads if you cut one off?
  11. Which Monster changes from a mino to a giant dinosaur?
  12. Which Monster was like a giant Dolphin?
  13. Which creature bites his own tale?
  14. What Monster lived during the Jurassic era?
  • Mathletics: Measurments (8 exercises)