Classwork and Homework

Date(s) - 20/03/2020
All Day

Chart example


1.- Read the story pages 122-125 and read the mind map.

2.- Check the rules of the spelling verbs for third person singular nouns page 135. In your notebook trace a chart with three columns: in the first one write as a title “es” verbs, in the second one write as a title “ies” verbs and in the third one write as a title “s”. Then look for at least 5 verbs of each type (in the dictionary) and write them in each column. (Traza una tabla en tu cuaderno con tres columnas: en la primera escribe como encabezado “es” verbs, en la segunda columna “ies” verbs y en la tercera “s” verbs. En el diccionario busca, por lo menos, cinco verbos para cada tipo. Checa la imagen del ejemplo de la tabla).

* Remember to study Present simple in affirmative, negative and question. Also the notes in your notebook and on pages 134 and 135.

HOMEWORK: write 10 sentences using the verbs of the classwork activity. Remember to do it using present simple third person singular.