Classwork & Homework 4°

Date(s) - 19/03/2020
All Day

  1. Do Saccadic movements: Say the first and last letter of each line, use the reading Jules Verne.
  2. Read the mind map page 162, remember that you can check the reading in case you don’t understand any drawing.
  3. Writing: Write on your notebook. How old were you two years ago? Describe 5 things you can do now that you could not do in that time.

Example: Two years ago I was eight years old. I could not do multiplications with 3 digits. Now I can multiply amounts with more than 3 digits.


  1. Then, watch the following video:
  2. Solve pages 168, 170 (only exercises 1 and 2) and page 171 (only exercise 4).
  3. Vocabulary and spelling: Write and unscramble the following exercise in your blue worksheets.
  • o u j r n y e _________________
  • u t n k r ____________________
  • s m l o t h i c k ______________
  • u m n e o u r s ______________
  • u p b l s h i _________________
  • o a b u t ___________________
  • y l l a n i f __________________
  1. Speaking: Cut pages 275 and 277. Say a sentence for each picture using verbs in PAST. You don’t need to write the sentences.

Example: She made a cake for her relatives last night.


HOMEWORK: Play the following second game to practice past simple.