Date(s) - 23/03/2020
All Day


  • For the activities of this week study the Present Simple Rules in your notebook or in the ASC book pages 134 and 135.

Saccadic movements
Say the first and the last letter and then the second and the penultimate letter (of each line), first paragraph of the reading (page 122) [verbaliza la primera y la última letra del párrafo de la lectura p 122]

Brain Gym
Watch the following video:

Mind map
Read the mind map: if you don’t remember the meaning of a drawing, look for it in the reading (pages 122-125). Then, in your notebook, write a sentence with each word you looked for. [lee el min map, si no recuerdas el significado del dibujo, búscalo en la lectura y en tu cuaderno escribe una oración con cada palabra que buscaste]

Work with the attached worksheet: look at the daily routine of Mr. Brown and write a sentence for each day about what he does. Remember to use Present Simple third person singular. Answer page 144 ASC book [observa la rutina diaria de Mr. Brown y escribe una oración para cada día de la semana que describa lo que él hace]

Example: On Monday, Mr. Brown’s plays soccer.


Work only 15 minutes “Division”.