Classwork and Homework

Date(s) - 19/03/2020
All Day


1.- Read mind map pages 128 and 129, you can check the reading if necessary.

2.- Cut the cutouts on page 261, in your notebook paste the cards in a pile. Next to each card, write a setence describing the picture. Remember to use present simple and the correct form of the verb.

* Remember to study Present simple in affirmative, negative and question. Also the notes in your notebook and on pages 134 and 135.

HOMEWORK: copy in your notebook the following setences and complete them by using the verb in parenthesis.

1.- Katty ______________ (open) the store at 8 a.m.

2.- He ______________ (talk) on the phone.

3.- I ______________ (drive) my car every day.

4.- She ______________ (like) to eat vegetables in the morning.

5.- They never ______________ (visit) us.

6.- Paul ______________ (watch) tv with his sister.

7.- The baby ______________ (cry) every night.

8.- He ______________ (miss) her mom a lot.

9.- The students ______________ (play) tennis twice a week.

10.- Ana ______________ (enjoy) listening to music.