Classwork 4°

Date(s) - 30/03/2020
All Day

DATE: Monday, March 30th 2020.

  1. Describe the pictures on pages 188 and 189. Then, make a drawing and write a sentence answering what your think the new reading will be about.
  2. Vocabulary: Find the following words in the text and highlight them: driest, least, farther, lower, sowed, soft, fortification, tent, cave, pots, baskets, bushels, stakes, piles, view, ground, harvest, squab, couch, blanket, sea-bedding, watch-coat, chief, spread, belonged, laid.
  3. Write the vocabulary list #6. Use the colors that I put. Make a drawing for each word.

-Fortification (blue)

-Tent (blue)

-Cave (blue)

-Pots (blue)

-Baskets (blue)

-Bushels (blue)

-Stakes (blue)

-Ground (blue)

-Harvest (blue)

-Squab (blue)

-Couch (blue)

-Blanket (blue)

-Chief (blue)

-Spread (green)

-Belong (green)

4. Saccadic movements: Say the first and last letter of each line page 190, then second and penultimate letter and finally third and antepenultimate letter.

5.Reading: Read pages 190 and 191.

6. Study final work presentation.